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Elizabeth and Aaron Menke started planning their first farmers market in January 2018, a year after being married. The first location was in Katy, Texas, at Faith West Academy, where Aaron attended elementary school. Although the market was successful, Aaron accepted a job in Waco, Texas and their new endeavor was postponed.

Upon moving back to the Houston area in 2020, the couple decided to give the market another go but in a totally different location. After careful planning, the opening market day was blocked by the lockdown of March 2020 and coincidentally, the second opening day was scheduled on the same weekend as the 2nd lockdown in June 2020. However, this time their business was approved as an "essential" activity and they were able to help locals provide for their families during the pandemic. 

Four years and three kids later Local Market Maker was established in 2022. They continue to seek out new locations for locals to gather together. Each market is designed to be family friendly and lift up small businesses owned by people living in the community. 

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