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Vendor Agreement

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 Vendor Information

By signing I agree the following statements are true.

I, the vendor, hold all required current permits, licenses, and insurance policies necessary for my business operation. This may include the following: food manufacture license, nursery permit, organic certification, dairy permit, mobile food license, sales tax permit, food manager’s certification, insurance policies, growers statements, health department permit and other permits required for your particular business. You are responsible for obtaining the appropriate permits and license in order to run your business. 

  • I agree it is my responsibility to know which permits are required for my particular business and to secure the necessary insurance and certifications required by the state or county.

I hereby acknowledge and agree to follow the market rules, policies, regulations and methods of operation below.

Email & Communication

The market coordinator will communicate market information via email. It is the vendor's responsibility to provide the correct email address and provide an updated address if it has changed. Each vendor is responsible for checking his/her inbox, fully reading all emails and notifying the market if they are not receiving expected communications. 

Booth Space & Attendance

Booth space (10’ X 10’) is assigned weekly. Vendors may not extend beyond the demarcation of their 10’ x 10’ booth. The Market Coordinator or his/her designee has full authority to re-assign space if it is necessary to fill in a gap.


If a vendor is tardy, their booth space may be relocated to avoid gaps in the market. If a vendor is consistently tardy, they will be given a friendly reminder to arrive and be completely set up on time. If the tardiness persists, the vendor may not be invited to future markets. 


Only with the permission of the Market Coordinator can a vendor begin an early breakdown without disturbing the other vendors or marketplace. Vendors are responsible for removing all garbage from their booth space. Each 10’ x 10’ booth space should be left completely clean.

Signs and Equipment

Each vendor is required to have a 10X10 straight leg tent. All tents must be in working properly and not broken or need repair.

Vendors must supply their signs, equipment, and items needed such as tables, chairs, tents etc. Signs must not block traffic or pedestrian ingress or regress, or interfere with other vendors' displays or view. The market coordinator or his/her designee will have full authority on sign and tent placement.

Tent Weight

Vendors are responsible for adding at least 7.5 pounds of weight to each leg on their tent. If the vendor does not have enough weight the market coordinator or his/her designee will ask for weight to be added or the tent to be taken down. In case of heavy wind the vendors may take down their tents with permission of the Market Coordinator. Additionally, the Market Coordinator may require that all vendors take down their tent with threat of heavy winds. Each vendor is responsible for their own tent weight and will take responsibility for damage to done to any surrounding business, property or person 

Vehicles and Trailers

Vendors must re-park their vehicle in the designated vendor parking areas immediately after unloading.


Vehicles or trailers may be utilized as a display or dispensing only with the permission of Market Coordinator. 


Electricity may or may not be available on any given market and may be limited to a certain amount of vendors. Fees for electricity will be determined on a weekly basis.

Reservation Fees

Reservations fees are required per each 10'x10' space in a market. Vendors agree that reservations are not final without paying the reservation fee.


All fees paid are final without refund. Credits may be given in certain circumstances (see 'Weather Policy').

Payment Options

  • Vendors may make a payment by using the online payment portal or by giving cash. 

  • Every and all online payments come with a $2 processing fee.

  • Vendors may choose to purchase multiple reservations at a discount as credits in future markets. 


One Reservation Credit - $40

One $40 fee + $2 Online Processing Fee

Two Reservation Credits - $72

Two $35 fees + $2 Online Processing Fee

Three Reservation Credits - $107

Three $35 fees + $2 Online Processing Fee

Four Reservation Credits - $122 

Four $30 fees + $2 Online Processing Fee


Each vendor must receive an email confirmation that they are accepted into the market and pay the reservation fee. 

Canceling/No Show

No matter what reason, refunds will not be given to vendors who do not show up to a market. 

  • Vendors who want to cancel their attendance and send communication on the Monday (or later) before the market will not receive a credit or refund.

  • Vendors who want to cancel their attendance and send communication by Sunday before the market will receive a credit but not a refund.

No matter what the reason for canceling or not attending a market, we hold the vendor responsible to give proper notice.


Weather Policy

Rain and Storms

1. Markets managed by Local Market Maker are rain or shine markets. We will proceed with our regular market in the rain.

2. If lightning is present, we ask that all vendors get out from under their tent. 


3. While we are a rain or shine market, if the weather does not clear the Market Manager will use their discretion to decide whether it is safe to remain open or if the market should close.


4. In the instance that the market must close due to inclement weather, vendors may be eligible for a credit. The decision and an explanation will be sent to the vendors within 72 hours of market closure.


Strong Wind


1. If strong winds are expected, vendors must place weights on their tents as soon as it’s erected


2. If strong winds pose a hazard, tents must be taken down.


3. Vendors are allowed to set up, without a tent, if winds are troublesome.


4. If the weather is expected to be severe and prolonged the market may be closed on site by the Market Manager.





1. When a hurricane is predicted for our area, we will send out notifications by email. Vendors will be kept informed to the best of our ability on whether or not the market will be open


 Each vendor must supply the market coordinator with a list of the products that they plan to bring to the market. Vendors need to get new products approved before the market or they will be asked to remove their products from the sight of market customers. 

All food products must be sold, displayed, and stored from a surface above the ground. Any vendor found selling contaminated, unfit, prohibited or illegal items will be asked to leave the market immediately without refund of vendor fees.


The farmers market by laws require that 75 percent of all agricultural products sold through the farmers market are grown in Texas. Please contact the Market Coordinator with questions and to obtain prior review and approval to sell produce other than that grown in Texas. Vendors are allowed to sell produce procured from a co-op agreement with another farm. We encourage vendors selling produce to display a sign identifying their agricultural practices.


No soliciting shall be permitted within the market area. Displays of public interest, such as nutritional, health or consumer information, may be displayed with the permission of the Market Coordinator or his/her designee.

Health Practices

All vendors must wear shirts and shoes. Smoking is not permitted within 30’ from the market area. Unlawful drug/alcohol possession will never be tolerated.


Owners or caretakers are responsible for the behavior of their family pet or animal. Owners or caretakers are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their family pets or animals and discarding securely bagged pet droppings. 


Vendors will be expected to represent and positively promote the market to customers and other vendors. Issues or concerns regarding the market should be directed to the market coordinator.

Any person using profanity or behaving in a less than family friendly manner will be asked to leave the market. 


Non-profit vendors are not allowed to approach customers or enter buildings to distribute information. Informational materials must be kept at the organization's assigned table.

By signing below, I agree to abide by the agreement details above.

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